Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary

is my 1 yr anniversary, with my sweet dear

feel soli tht i hav ntg to gav her, but only this few picture
well is alr 1 yr,
i appreciated every moment we hav ... and thank you her ,
tht she always be with me, take care of me (not really...)

haha... i know is late post, sometimes back home internet not run smooth...
so, hav to do this in office when i'm free
half of the yr alr dint update the blog

this is the new beginning of the yr 2008
hav as new start... good luck to all my frens there

and thank you my dear here 1 more time

i love you, sweet heart

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Simpsons

let me have some simple introduce...
this a invitation card, as we can see from the first pic,
thats a front cover
then inside the content with Simpsons family
and date venue time... bla bla bla,
back cover with some warning and caution note

is a real damn funny movie... cartoon on a big screen

sitting down on a small cinema chair but feel sitting on the big sofa
you feel tht watching this show in ur house!

i remember this cartoon when first time i watch it...
i totally dnt understand wht it mean...
is an adult joke, and some stupid gab.

haha... feel this blog become a movie review

but i really like this movie... relax and laugh
from the city of pressure... this movie really work
i dint mean tht action movie not nice, is nice but...
is tense and excited, sometime make you cant breath also

i gav 4.5 / 5 star
becoz this movie too short, feel not enuff for me

must see must see

mmm... nothing else too add on already
just feel want to update my blog
since desolate so long...

and, finally... this is Sinpsons family... my sweet heart and lazypapa

Thursday, April 05, 2007

weird !!!

hahaha... alr 2 & da half month dint update liao

may be too busy, i think!!!
actually hav alot thing to share
ok la!!! no need guess already
i'm LAZY ma...

woh!!! been go through alot of thing
meet alot of ppl, done alot of ...???
i also dunno wht done before!
but as i know i left alot of shit.... havent clean yet
alot alot alot

enjoy my first valentines
had gav each other a present
mmm... can i say tht a present?
coz we go get together...
is a same thing la
happy? ofcoz happy la
i hvnt celebrated this wonderful day
and she too...

chinese new year?
3rd day of CNY, i go to visit my GF hometown
let me count first... tht time almost near 2 month
only 1 and the half or may be more than tht
i think back again, haha.. is CRAZY i think i shld say tht

meet alot of her realtives, ofcoz her family's too
till now i still very blur... dunno who is whom

aha... after a few day of CNY vacation
haiihhh... back to WORK la... wht u think!!!

start busy, till now!!!
already APRIL
i been go through many month with my new life style!!!
ya, has change alot, depends last time
but... feel the concept still there
i mean last time lifestyle shadow, still appear in my present lifestyle!!!
strange rite?
did i really change it b4?
if not? why i feel the different pass and present
and i still get the pass feel

nope, i still hvnt realize yet!!!
mmm... somebody can share with me

i wrote this when i waiting my job approval

this few month, got happy got unhappy!!!
enjoy & ignore...

wish i can get some idea from ur all

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


每年总有一段日子, 是浮浮的,


又过了很久, 想了很多东西。




新年进步! 身体健康!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

repeat this again!!!

a new year, a new begining...
human full of hope and plan...

at this time,
shit!!! it turn up this time...
feel tired again, and again

just feel want to get a long vacation
take a long rest to reset my life style...

ya, is slightly hav some changer now...
need some time to suit it
just like when u want to make a 90 degree turn,
but u speed very fast on the straight road...
90 degree sound like big cornering, but just sum only!!!

tht wht i feel now...
haiihhh... feel sleepy, when i was writing this !!!
is blog... haha... is a space to mark up my life journey
if my bro here sure he will support me... haha
miss u bro!!!

aha... need some tuning now... alignment run out
cannot move fluent... cannot balance
cornering but cannot too fast
fast but cannot make a cornering

haha... may be hav to visit my bro there at UK...
haha... RM 9.90 only AirAsia

i will come back again after fine tune...
hope can suit it as long as possible !!!

wish all my fren there... alham dulilah
all in the pink of health!!!

Monday, December 25, 2006

is not a lonsome christmas...

mmm... i still remember the last christmas,
hav a group of my best fren joy together at penang island...
we walk, we talk, we eat, we slept... we enjoy

2006, was a very happening year that i feel
my best buddy... oversea study,
big eye... back to hometown,

many of them busy for their work, end of the year already!!!
should be...

haha... i tot i will same like usual like past few year,
sleeping while people countdown on the street...
(haha... thats how i celebrated, my culture, huh!!!)

what i want to share!!! u think!!!
ya, refer the title...
yes, i have a new starting with other
is on christmas eve, i will not forget this important day in my life!!!

i have to thanx her to gave me a chance to hold her hand,
thats the begining!!!
ya, i enjoy it, and actually i enjoy the feel on her,
this feel that i had meet before...
ok, well, the story start when i go to the company interview
is a third floor, the gal just sit near to the door, i walk in, i saw her!!!
the feel has come out, "this gal gave me a very good feel"

finally, i get offer to this company.
i meet this gal alot, she just have a very special feel to me ...
few more month later, actually i have ask to movie, but she always busy...
is ok! well, i knew that still have alot of chance there, and i just wait!!!

it was the first time we meet outside, even got other colleague,
but i really appreciated!!!
ofcoz, got the first time, & the 2nd, 3rd, 4th...
i dunno this time is how many time we meet,
and we always meet becoz of movie...
even hows the movie are? i enjoy the moment!!!

how she look like?
very ordinary gal, no make up, no perfume
natural pretty!!! thats what i always look for
well, i have to tell... is very rare... and i just meet it!!!
pretty? mmm... in my eye she is ...
tall? ya, 16sum cm, for me consider tall ga!!!
mmm... is not slim type, but not bad gah!!!

any more i need to describe?
did i miss out any?
mmm... i will keep sharing
coz i just start it...
well, mmm... i wish i can keep it longer
rare gal not easy to meet!!!

my life had been light up again!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

what's mean Department Dinner...

what is department dinner mean...
i hav alot of question of this dinner, it sound like...
can any one share some idea with me,
coz working at this big company, can consider big company la...
everybody working by theirself, i mean selfish
they will not help you, as long as u hav some benefit for them.

i think i only can say tht is "sigh"
absolutely dissapointed liao

back to the dinner
the dinner will held on 18/12/2006,
sound like a politicalize dinner,
wht is tht dinner for...
share something... bad , may be!!!

i will come back to all of u all again after the dinner!!!

i tot i was in the big company and get some good benefit from them
is not, is a begins of nitemare...

wish me good luck fren

* i hate big ASS company!!! suck !!!